PT. Bali Tropical Sourcing provides a wide range of products varying from traditional and modern crafts, to interior and exterior decorations, paintings and antiques from Bali and the whole Indonesia Archipelago.

Bali Tropical Sourcing is a marketing concept dedicated to the local and world wide promotion of the best and real professional sources of Balinese / Indonesian interior and exterior furniture and crafts.

Our clients include retail store owners, wholesale companies, interior / exterior designer, fashion designers, contractor and architect companies, local expats, tourists visiting Bali or the other part of the Indonesia Archipelago, and world wide internet visitors looking for up to date sources of top quality items.

Our guarantee:

  • The best and biggest range of products designed in Bali and the whole Indonesia archipelago
  • Best quality at the best price
  • Perfect management of ordering process, from the purchase order, supervising the manufacture times, reporting the progress and payment prochedure
  • High priority quality control
  • Most efficient packing and shipping (air and sea) services

We brings you a lot of services with an exciting selection of offers and savings. You’ll find exceptional value and privileges in sourcing, buying, packing and shipping, because our friendly team of seasoned professionals is throughly familiar with providing practically the best solutions for all your business needs.

For more information please feel free to call +62 361 461295, email at or using our enquiries form.